The GlobalCCU Forum 2017

5 APRIL 2017
GlobalCCU Session on the future of Corporate Universities in the digital disruption age

1:45 - 2:00 pm: Welcome of the attendees and registration for the GlobalCCU session, networking.
2:00 - 2:15 pm: Annick Renaud-Coulon, Chairman of GlobalCCU, welcome
2:40 - 3:00 pm: General introduction of the issues of the theme ‘The future of Corporate Universities in the digital disruption age.’
3:00 - 3:45 pm: Breakout workshops on the future of Corporate Universities in the digital disruption age

  • What interesting trends and good opportunities do Corporate Universities identify from the Digital age? In the innovation of their learning methods and tools, communication and marketing of their offer, content of their programs and activities, adaptation / transformation to sociological transformation of their target audience and client system, effectiveness of their operations and learning system, optimization of their budgets and resources, and so on.
  • What weaknesses, threats, and obstacles do Corporate Universities face in the Digital age? In terms of knowledge, skills, staffing, culture characteristics, brand, place in the structure, budgets and resources management, competition with the giants of the Web, quality standards or specifications for their products or services, proofs of evidence of their impact, and so on.

With the participation of Facilitators, experts, Corporate University professionals:

  • José Caetano Minchillo, Human Resources Director at Banco do Brasil, (Brazil)
  • Dr Christopher Hardy, DAU (USA),
  • Jackie Leyds, Executive Director of Bosasa Group of Companies (South Africa),
  • Benoit Gandillot, Director of Nexans University (France).  
  • William Davila Valeri, Director Corporate Relations at IE Business School, (Spain),
  • Stéphane Pineau, Chief Executive Officer at Training Orchestra (France),
  • Philippe Devaux, GlobalCCU (France)

3:45 - 4:00 pm: Exchange and discussion in plenary session and wrap-up
4:00 - 4:15 pm: Refreshment break, networking.
4:15 - 4:40 pm: Pave the way of the new paradigm of Corporate Universities

  • Focus on what is essential in the interconnected and virtual world and in the real life of Corporate Universities.
  • The breakthroughs to undertake.

4:40 - 5:00 pm: Wrap-up and conclusions on the Future of Corporate Universities.
5:00 - 6:00 pm: Networking time and welcoming of VIPs and attendees to the Gala Awards Ceremony.

5 APRIL 2017
The GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony

6:00 - 6:05 pm: Opening GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony by Annick Renaud-Coulon, Chairman of GlobalCCU, Founder and President of the GlobalCCU Awards
6:05 pm: GlobalCCU story from the creation to 2017
6:11 pm: Thanks to our Partners
6:19 pm: Keynote speech of Mr Gavin Watson, CEO of Bosasa Group of Companies, South-Africa
6:45 pm: The previous awards and their impact with the previous winners: Dr Christopher Hardy, Director of Strategy, DAU, Defense Acquisition University (USA), winner of the Best Overall Gold Award in 2013, and José Caetano de Andrade Minchillo, Human Resources Director at Banco do Brasil, (Brazil), representative of Banco do Brasil, winner of the Best Overall Gold Award in 2015
6:55 pm: Official announcement stage under the patronage of Mr Christian Blanc, former CEO of Air France. Announcement of the winners per category, presentation of the trophies to the winners and their points of excellence explained by Members of the Advisory and Judging Committee
8:15 pm: Chairperson’s conclusion and official photographs of the winners
8:30-10:30 pm: Cocktail Party and networking

6 APRIL 2017
GlobalCCU Winners’ Benchmarking Session

8:45 am: Chairpersons’ open the day. Introduction of the attendees.
09:00 am: First panel on Corporate University impact on implementation of business strategies of the organisation, facilitated by Philippe Devaux, GlobalCCU (UK).
10:45 am: Second panel on Corporate University embodying the identity, the culture and the brand of the organisation in its stakeholders, facilitated by Filippo Romanini, Barilla (Italy)
11:35 am: Third panel on Corporate University leveraging innovation, facilitated by Julia Meninga, Ketchum (UK)
12:45 am: Convivial lunch.
1:45 pm: Fourth panel on Corporate University implementing Corporate Responsibility of the organisation facilitated by Thierry Bonetto, Danone (France)
2:45 pm: Fifth panel on Corporate University managing Holistic human and digital approach facilitated by Sampada Inamdar, Dean of Anand University, at Anand Automotive Ltd (India).
3:45 pm: Plenary session, exchanges, wrap-up lesson learnt, ways to improve and conclusions.
4:00 pm: End of the GlobalCCU Forum.

6 APRIL 2017
Induction session on the GlobalCCU CU Certification (optional)

4:00 pm: Presentation of the attendees, roundtable discussion on their needs and expectations and a presentation of the expected outcomes of the session by Philippe Devaux, Certification auditor and Pierre Bastres, Business development Manager.
4:15 pm: Testimony of Dr Louis Scholtz, Director at the Watson Corporate Academy, Bosasa Group of Companies, (South Africa) Corporate University certified by GlobalCCU in 2016.
4:30 pm: Testimony of Khristina Ripak, Accreditation Manager, Sberbank Corporate University (Russia), Corporate Universities recently certified by GlobalCCU
4:45 pm: Outline of the difference between awards and certification. General presentation of the three GlobalCCU CU Certifications.
5:15 pm: Introduction to the GlobalCCU Compliance Certification, the four pillars and the process.
5:45 pm: Wrap-up and conclusion.
6:00 pm: End of the Post-Forum Session.