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Christian BLANC
Christian Blanc has extensive business experience as CEO of various prominent companies, among them Air France from 1993 until1997, when he saved from bankruptcy.
Christian Blanc was frequently named as the man of the “impossible missions”.
Among his outstanding achievements, he restored peace in New Caledonia, a French territory in Oceania.
Christian Blanc was elected to the National Assembly for two terms in 2012 during which time. We can thank him for the launching of the competitiveness Clusters in France.
In 2010, he was Secretary of State in 'Greater Paris', in charge of developing a new vision for the capital by 2030.
A demanding visionary, Christian Blanc is also the author of several books including his latest: Paris City World, Ed Odile Jacob.

CEO of Bosasa Group of Companies (South Africa)
Gavin Watson is the founder and Group CEO of the BOSASA Group of Companies, full facilities management leader in South Africa, with its head office in Mogale Business Park.
Here, Gavin Watson successfully nurtured more than 80 black economic empowered companies into sustainable service based business entities.
Gavin Watson has a rare aptitude for recognising profitable multi-dimensional economic opportunities. His success may be attributed to his business philosophy. He pursues ventures which reflect seven key criteria: high barriers to entry; the best interests of the country are served; the project is socio-economically sustainable; social responsibility underpins the venture; the environment is not compromised; people are developed; and use of integrated knowledge management systems guarantee delivery.
From inception, he transformed Bosasa into a world-class, digitally suave force with characteristic innovation and entrepreneurship. Watson’s strategic vision delivers continued growth and profit through full facilities management and integrated information technology solutions for clients.
Gavin Watson leads by example. Accessible and passionate about people development, especially that of women and previously disadvantaged individuals, he builds teams and mentors all staff.
His personal communication channel, WATSonline, inspires employees to set goals, pursue personal and spiritual growth and advance their careers.
He insists on social justice and empowerment in all BOSASA operations. Every venture must serve the country’s interests and be socio-economically sustainable.
His passion and commitment to skills development, education and training gave birth to WATSON Corporate Academy where employees enjoy regular upskilling and professional development.
Familiar with the leadership, dynamics and operations of both the private and public sectors, he commands respect for translating visionary innovation into both profitable and ethical business practices.
Gavin Watson embraces every challenge to develop new solutions for clients and sectors. Growing up on a farm among black people, his patriotism, and his appreciation for the socio-economic challenges of South Africa infuses BOSASA’s social responsibility projects. No wonder that many who work with him and under him call him Nkokheli (leader) or Tata (father).
In 2015, he was honored with the Trailblazer of the Year award for paving the way for transformation and empowerment in business and society.

Human Resources Director at Banco do Brasil (Brazil)
Representative of Banco do Brasil, winner of the Best Overall Gold Award in 2015
Mr. Caetano Minchillo has been working at Banco do Brasil for over 30 years, 25 of which in managerial roles. He currently holds the position of HR Director and is ultimately responsible for UniBB. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Laws degree and two executive MBAs. From 2013 to 2016, he chaired Banco do Brasil Foundation, a non-profit organization sponsored by the bank providing educational, cultural, sporting, philanthropic and aid services for urban and rural communities in Brazil.

Dr. Christopher HARDY
DAU, Defense Acquisition University (USA)
Director of Strategy, Office of the President,
Christopher R. Hardy, Ph.D., has served with distinction in both public and private sectors, and is currently the Director, Strategic Planning and Learning Analytics, Defense Acquisition University.  The Federal Government Distance Learning Association recently honored Dr. Hardy with the “Eagle Award” for life time achievement. He also co-authored “Leading a Learning Revolution:  The Story Behind DAU’s Reinvention of Training,” Pfeiffer, 2008.  As the Strategic Planner for the Defense Acquisition University, his mandate is now to take DAU to the next level and catalyze DAU 's  Next Transformation.  As such, he has been instrumental for DAU’s preeminence as an award winning Corporate University (over 50 awards).  DAU has been honored by CLO Magazine for five years in a row as one of its Top Ten Learning Elite organizations and by ELearning Magazine as one of the best learning and development organizations. Recently, DAU won the Corporate University Best-In-Class (CUBIC) award as the Best Corporate University in North America.  Finally, DAU was recognized as the Best Over All Corporate University (in the world) by the Global Council of Corporate Universities in 2013.  Dr. Hardy has a Ph.D. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

GlobalCCU Session on the future of Corporate Universities in the digital disruption age

Jackie LEYDS
MA (Social Development); BA Hons Human Resource, EAP; BA Soc Sc (Social Work); Qualified Assessor ETDP SETA, Real Justice (International Institute of Restorative Practices – Canada)
Jackie Leyds is an Executive Director of the BOSASA Group of Companies and brings her unique experience and passion for the development of people to the BOSASA Board. Her experience in social justice and transformation encompasses the work that she does and it personifies empowerment at all levels. Her work in the specialized field of youth in conflict with the law has contributed to Bosasa’s holistic strategy in facilities and programmes for young people who are in secure care, diversion or sentenced programmes.
Jackie’s expertise in translating strategy, policies, procedures, legislation, theory and practice and into information management systems assists in setting Bosasa apart from their competitors in Bosasa Youth Development Centres. As an exceptional and lifelong student, she has many qualifications and achievements to her name. Her current doctoral work at the University of Johannesburg deals with Risk and Resilience of Adolescents.
She holds a BA Social Science degree (Social Work), an Honours Degree in Human Resource Development and a Master’s degree in Social Development; her Dissertation entitled; “The effects of Black Economic Empowerment on Employees”. Jackie is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, which honours students for academic achievement at university level. She is a registered assessor with the Education and Training Development Practitioner SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) and holds registration with the SA Council of Social Services Professions. Jackie is also a licensed international trainer for conducting restorative justice training. She holds this license from the Institute of Restorative Practices in Canada.
The Association of Private Providers in Education, Training and Development awarded Jackie’s outstanding performance with their Quality Assurance Award.
Jackie’s determination to give people from all backgrounds access to meaningful learning and development opportunities, coupled with her strategic vision, make her the ideal chair of the Watson Corporate Academy, which designs and implements models for learning and development of Bosasa’s employees.

Benoit is director of Nexans University, Nexans (France)
His experience, his curiosity and his interest for people development drove him to create the Nexans Corporate University in 2007 which got the bronze GlobalCCU Award for innovation in 2013.
After business studies, Benoit started his career in finance as controller and finance manager for 10 years. He then went through various positions in Operations, Sales & Marketing, Purchasing and run Business in Denmark. His experience was mainly in multinational Groups but in all sorts of activities from services to manufacturing and in all sizes of entities. This broad experience brings the specific “touch” of the Nexans University : create links between people, functions and cultures and explain them to each other through short learning & development experiences.
The next challenge for Nexans University is to embark all the Nexans employees in a continuous improvement culture to transform the Group in a learning company. Started 3 years ago with the beginning of the recovery plan of the Group, this journey is entering in a new ambitious phase for the 3 coming years, supporting people’s development in their soft skills in order to work better together. Build knowledge, share knowledge, develop together, Nexans University is exploring the best way to use digital in order to make this happen in the most cost efficient way.

Director Corporate Relations at IE Business School (Spain)
A true business growth specialist, William has more than 17 years of experience in strategic business development, visioning, positioning and implementation. He specializes in identifying strategic global business opportunities in order to generate revenue, requiring him to maintain key relationships, negotiate and close business deals, in roles with set financial targets. Originally from Venezuela and having lived for many years in Eindhoven, New York, Boston, Caracas, Helsinki and now Madrid, William is currently the Director of Corporate Relations at IE, one of the top higher education institutions in the world.
William’s most recent role was Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at StudyPortals in the Netherlands, the leading international study choice platform, bringing transparency to the wealth of study opportunities around the world. Before StudyPortals, William was Director of International Development at IE, where he led the creation and development of IE’s 28 centers worldwide. He was responsible for B2C and B2B commercial teams and activities, including a portfolio of Executive Education, Graduate and Undergraduate programs. Prior, as Director for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa at IE, William traveled around these regions 70% of his time, setting up offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, Dubai, Lagos and Cairo. William is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and is completely at ease with international business practices, having known and worked with people from diverse countries and cultures. A storyteller, William speaks at numerous conferences on a yearly basis and conducts business presentations with extensive audiences around the world, providing for energetic, lively discussions.
William is the Co-Founder of TargetNet, a social media analytics and consulting company.

Stéphane PINEAU
Chief Executive Officer - Training Orchestra (France)
Stephane Pineau founded Training Orchestra, current leader in Training Resource Management System, in 2001. For 15 years, he has been overseeing the development of Training Orchestra, first in France and then abroad, with the opening of offices in London, New York and Miami. This has allowed him to develop an extensive expertise in training management and best practices for all types of organizations: Corporate Universities as well as Corporate Training Departments, Extended Enterprise and Training Companies. He has been consulted by the French government on multiple occasions concerning the evolutions in the training industry.

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General Manager, ArcelorMittal University (Luxembourg)
Christian Standaert leads ArcelorMittal University, the Corporate University of the world’s leading steel company with 280,000 employees in over 60 countries.
Born in 1959, he graduated in 1982 as a metallurgical engineer from the University of Gent and joined Sidmar, now ArcelorMittal Gent, in 1983 as a project engineer in the process modelling department. He obtained an additional master in Industrial Engineering in 1990.
He occupied different positions in the group, merely in the field of research and development and quality management in Gent (Sidmar and OCAS), Bremen (Stahlwerke Bremen) and Paris (Arcelor R&D).
Since 1996, Christian Standaert is visiting professor at the University of Gent, Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
In 2005 he was appointed Director of Arcelor University in Luxemburg and since the merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel into ArcelorMittal in 2006, he is responsible for the Corporate University of the new company.
The Corporate University offers programmes in leadership and management, in functional expertise and languages.
Christian Standaert is also leading ArcelorMittal’s Learning Council, that supports the local and regional training centres worldwide and is member of the Education and Training Committee of the World Steel Association.

Head of Barila Lab, the Corporate University of Barilla (Italy)
Global Learning & Development Director at Barilla, dedicated to help develop technical skills, leadership competencies, upgrade capabilities to drive and adapt to change, reinforce company identity and culture. Responsible of functional academies - to secure best-in-class know-how across the Company -, Leadership Academy - to develop Barilla new generation of leaders -, global company identity/culture programs - to consolidate company culture - and global change programs - to guarantee Company readiness in an everchanging competitive environment. In 2008, he decided to enrich his academic curriculum with a second degree, in Social Sciences, increasing his competence in reading organizational evolution drivers and human behaviours.
Previously, Head of Innovation Practices Development, with the responsibility to make available tools and processes to boost innovation into projects and support generation of new ideas and businesses across the Company. In this position, continued the attitude and the methodology learned in an cross.functional project supported by Gary Hamel consulting firm.
Joined Barilla in 2000, as Packaging Innovation Manager, with the objectives of reinforcing usability and innovation features of Barilla products packages, to increase competitive edge.
From 1995 till 2000, worked in TetraPak, as Package Development Manager for Aseptic Products, in charge of package design, specifications, testing and consumer validation.Before that, and after graduating in Nuclear Engineering in 1991, worked as Researcher for Vacuum Technologies and Thin Film Deposition for Food Application at CeTeV.

Group Learning & Development Director,
Global Head of Danone Academy, Danone (France)
Thierry Bonetto joined Danone Group after 11 years of consulting experience in organisation development, human resources strategy, and change management.
As part of Danone HR corporate, Thierry has led global initiatives such as the design & implementation of the people evaluation & development process, and a worldwide program to attract & develop talents, including tools such as 360°, coaching, and a leadership development curriculum for executives & directors. More recently, he has led the design of the leadership model for Danone, and of the “Danone Leadership College” - to develop Team leaders and all employees based on this model.
Today, Thierry is Director of Learning & Development for Danone worldwide, in charge of Danone learning policy, and Danone Academy – the Danone corporate university; Thierry is also overseeing the leadership development programs for executives & directors.

Dean, Anand U, Corporate University of Anand Group (India)
A certified practitioner in Organisation Development, Sampada brings with her 20 years of experience in Engineering, FMCG Manufacturing and Consulting. She has a flair for blending technology and business with a human touch. She is a post graduate in Personnel Management from University of Pune, graduate in Zoology and a diploma in Russian language. She is passionate about leading Anand U in institutionalising its contribution to business.
Her achievements in the areas of institutionalising change practices such as Organisation Restructuring, Leadership Development, Talent and Succession Planning have been well received. She is a certified Caliper professional, certified McKinsey Change Agent, trained professional in Balanced Scorecard, Business Process Re-engineering from Japanese Management Association and Job Analysis, Mercers India.
While she enjoys singing, and writing, she hopes to find time to restart her hobby of trekking!

Julia Menninga
Ketchum (United Kingdom)
Julia Menninga leads Ketchum University Europe, the corporate university of  Ketchum, the biggest Communications Agency network in Europe which forms part of the global Omnicom Group.
Ketchum University is diverse and multinational incorporating 9 European core countries and 20 affiliate offices from South-Africa to Ukraine. She is as well responsible for the global internal communication and marketing of Ketchum University and the Talent function within the business. Furthermore she loves being an internal adviser, coach and consultant for local offices in People and Leadership Development. In her recent years in HR, Talent and Learning, she has worked on projects across the whole employee life cycle.
Over 10 years experience in Communication Consulting and Communication Management with a special focus on Corporate Communications, Communication Strategy, Corporate Publishing and HR Communications help Julia to communicate the offer and value of Corporate Universities.

GlobalCCU CU Certification induction session

Director of Education at the Watson Corporate Academy, Bosasa Group of Companies (South Africa).
Dr Louis Scholtz is Director of Education and the Chief Learning Officer at the Watson Corporate Academy. The Watson Corporate Academy is the centralized strategic change agent for innovative organisational learning and development of all its employees, stakeholders and communities. It provides job-specific, indeed company-specific, learning and development for the employees in order to have long-term positive effects on the company’s financial health, brand, identity, culture and stability.
With more than 30 years of experience in the field of learning and development, he has transformed the lives of lecturers, employees and students. With a doctorate in Education, Dr Scholtz has evolved methodologies which engage students at all levels of development.   He is a specialist in experiential education. His expertise also lies in the conversion of cognitive potential to real time application in the business field.
Though Dr Scholtz draws on the expertise and knowledge of each lecturer in respective fields, delivery design remains his domain.  This design is structured to sustain interest, evoke lateral thinking, suspend cynicism, engage student zeal and drive towards pre-determined outcomes.
Working within statutory, regulatory and policy frameworks, Dr Scholtz guarantees appropriate accreditation to withstand local and international scrutiny.  Accreditation with   Umalusi (Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training), Higher Education Council and the Quality Council for Trades, Occupations (QCTO) and the Global Council for Corporate Universities are of his achievements for specialised courses and Compliance Awards. He is a registered assessor and moderator with the Education and Training Development Practitioner SETA (Sector Education and Training Authority).
Dr Scholtz has made his mark by rendering the educational process fun, exciting and inspirational.   His experience, success and daily tracking of global educational innovations places the WCA on equal footing with global trends and local expectations.  His groundwork also provides the foundation for essential peer review when students commence important research for wider publication.  
Dr Scholtz has written extensively on building character, discovering one’s potential and the psychological moulding process. He is a visionary and pioneer in the field of learning and development in the workplace.

Khristina RIPAK
Acting Head, Quality and Standards Department,
Sberbank Corporate University (Russia)
Khristina has received Undergraduate and Master degrees in Management from St. Petersburg University (SPbU), and Master in Management degree from CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education. She did her exchange studies in HEC Paris, ESADE and University of Cologne.
Prior to joining Sberbank Corporate University in 2015, Khristina had been responsible for international accreditations and rankings in the Graduate School of Management at SPbU since 2010. During this period she successfully managed accreditation projects to achieve EPAS and EQUIS accreditations by EFMD, AMBA accreditation and CEMS Reviews.  GSOM became the first and the only Russian business school to receive EQUIS accreditation and to get to the Financial Times global rankings (Master in Management programs and European Business Schools).
In Sberbank Corporate University Khristina managed corporate education accreditations achieving in 2016 EOCCS certification and CLIP accreditation from EFMD, as well as Global CCU Compliance certification. Currently she is Acting Head of Quality and Standards Department.

Philippe DEVAUX
GlobalCCU Certification auditor

GlobalCCU Business Development Officer
Pierre has been a member of the GlobalCCU team since September 2016, in charge of the Business Development to help Corporate Universities to meet their goals and to gain the most relevant benefits from the GlobalCCU services, making available the unique expertise and experience of this organization. He pays very close attention to create strong ties with stakeholders to fully understand their needs, and the best way to respond these expectations.
Passionate about people and implementing projects, he has been focused on mobilizing the GlobalCCU Community and ecosystem to make the GlobalCCU Awards and the GlobalCCU Forum a great journey.
He holds an engineering degree from the University of South Brittany and worked for 15 years in the food transformation industry. He began his career as a Quality and Production engineer, before occupying a managerial position and becoming Executive Manager of a SME.
Strongly engaged in different cultural associations, he also expresses himself in outdoor activities such as surfing and hiking.